Akhuwat Foundation Loan Online Apply 2022

Akhuwat Foundation Loan 2022 Scheme interest free loan program is for people with Pakistani citizenship and a bank account.

Different loan products have different amounts; the maximum amount that can be borrowed is 150000 rupees.

First, a person downloads the foundation’s interest free loan application form from Qard-e-Hasan.

After filling out the required information, he sends it to AIM branch near his house. Upon getting it, an AIM manager verifies that all documents are necessary for loan approval and informs the applicant of the approval or rejection through a letter containing an SMS.

To get a loan, the first step is to visit the AIM (Acumen India Microfinance) branch closest to you with your relevant documents. The AIM branch is easily accessible, and the staff in our branches will tell you what is required to apply for a loan.

To apply for the benefit, you should be 18 years of age or older. You will need to bring the required documents to the office and complete the application process.

Receive a letter stating that you qualify and bring it back to our office with your ID card. This will be your allotment letter.

Since 2001 it was regular working to help out the people to give him interest-free emergency loans such that way it becomes the number one biggest organization of the world and spreading in the whole Pakistan.

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According to the Akhuwat Loan Scheme, you can get a loan if you want to build a house in 5 marlas.

The maximum time that you can get a loan is 15 years; please note that this is valid only if you apply for this loan before 2022.

To apply for this loan, you will be required to share what kind of property you want to get financed, the loan amount that you want to take, and the monthly payment frequency.

If your application is approved, then please pay attention to the repayment schedule as well as any penalties and fees associated with late payments.

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