Coin Hunt World

yo you guys remember when pokemon go came out and it was like
super addicting everybody was even
adults were into everybody was playing

But ultimately other than just like a fun
past time you didn’t earn anything
and if you were like me you spent
literally hours of hard work
a few weeks ago i found out on reddit.

about this geolocation game that’s
pretty similar to pokemon go
but it’s in the crypto world and you
earn bitcoin and ethereum in it once i
found out about it i had to look around
and kind of see how much are people
really earning because how much really
can you earn from this.

but people on
reddit are saying that they’re earning
somewhere around like 30 to 50 a month
if they’re playing it every other day
for a few minutes.

people who are a little bit more
dedicated playing about an hour or two
every day are making about 100 to 250 a
some people like what’s the guy’s name
block boy.

literally making 500 to a thousand a
month so i was i was like okay this is

so i installed it i’ve been playing it
for a few weeks the game’s called coin
hunt world
and i know it sounds too good to be true
after playing a few weeks though i’m
super addicted and i’m starting to
actually earn a pretty decent amount of

and ethereum from it and i’m
realizing after you play
maybe about a month or two you can start
to really build up.

your your user vaults and stuff i’ll
talk about it and you can end up making
because you kind of establish yourself
in the game anyways i want to tell you
guys about what this game is and then
also give you like a little basic guide.

walkthrough of how to actually play the
game okay so let’s back up for just a
second the game right now
is in beta that’s why not a lot of
people are talking about it but they
actually just submitted it for
approval to android and apple.

theoretically it should be going
officially live on the app store in both
of those in the next few months
pending approval i wanted to see who’s
behind the game and how there’s really
money to source this game and one of the
co-founders of the game.

is bill shihara who’s the ceo of bittrex
which is one of the biggest crypto
exchanges in the world.

so as soon as i heard that i was sold
because i was like okay this game
absolutely is legit because this guy’s
reputation’s on the line but also he has
a ton of money for something like this
and then after looking deeper into it
there’s actually a ton of users who have
reported being.

successfully paid out every tuesday is
when they pay out and
it’s happened for weeks and weeks and
weeks so this is a legit thing so after

much you’re playing the game you can
payments you can unlock the wallet and
then every tuesday it’ll automatically
send the bitcoin ethereum that you earn
in the game.

into your uphold wallet i looked into it
and they said that they have three ways
that they’re planning to make money
after this beta goes through and it
becomes an official app.

so they said the
first thing is selling cosmetic items in
the game for your avatar so you have
like a little
character little guy and you can earn
resources these things called resin and
paint and stuff to.

build these outfits to custom fit your
guy with but
as the game goes i’m sure they’ll
probably just make it so you can
shortcut two if you don’t want to do.

that and you can just pay five bucks or
ten bucks or whatever to just get a new
skin for your guy the second way they’re
gonna make money is they said they’re
going to charge
token teams who want to use coin hunt
world to educate the players who are
using the app.

about their tokens so this probably be
like ico projects and stuff
if you don’t know there’s so much money
in those
icos and those developing tokens so i’m
sure they would have
lots and lots of people.

reaching out to them to get their users
to see their coin and the third official
thing that they’ve talked about is
establishing marketing programs
with businesses that are brick and

so that as you know you put
special vaults and special things inside
of their physical stores people would
increase the foot traffic that actually
comes to that brick and mortar store.

i can imagine about like 100 different
ways they can make money especially with
a growing user base
which right now is about 20 000 people.

reach hundreds of thousands in less than
a year because
people love pokemon go and being able to
earn crypto which is also very trendy
and everybody wants to do that i feel
like that’s a perfect marriage.

i think this game is going to blow up
okay so enough of that you now
understand what the game is how it got
started how they have money for it
how does the game actually work.

how do
you play it so the basic premise of this
game is you’re exploring the real world
around you
and then you’re searching for these keys
that are different colors and you use
those colored keys to open vaults
when you open a vault you get to choose
one of three categories of questions.

and then it’ll give you a trivia
question and if you answer that question
correctly within the time limit then
you’re rewarded with bitcoin

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