Nser Survey 2022 | National socio economic registry

NSER Research, 2022

1. The NSER 2021 program is designed to collect the latest information on certain variables with online registration with CNIC verification and will cover 100% of households living in Pakistan.

2: Initially, this survey is planned to be carried out in 16 areas in Phase I. CNIC is expected to take a two-pronged approach to verify the NSER program’s online registration in 2021 to 2021.

3. Door-to-door research will be carried out in 16 areas. In four of these areas, desktop viewing (autoprogramming) can be considered first, followed by door-to-door searching.



It is a fitness program that works in Pakistan. The program was launched in July 2008. It was NSER’s most comprehensive online program in 2021. CNIC’s general survey was the most comprehensive program which provided 90 million rupees for all of Pakistan.

The Social Security program aims to strengthen the capacity of education, health, social protection and financial institutions. Benazir to secure income

This NSER online registration check is based on CNIC 2021 survey grants and donation methods.

The program will be led by Dr. Sania Nishtar and will include the Bloc, the Pakistan Secretariat and Islamabad, Pakistan. The program costs US$ 1.15 billion. Below is the official website.

National Socio-Economic Program

In the initial appearance in the comments made to the audience, in the comments made to the audience. Saiya said: “As part of the Ehsaas strategy, we have just completed the National Socio-Economic Program for 34.41 million households. We have conducted several data tests to identify the real poor. In the survey, we are moving away from one. making comprehensive and extraordinary mistakes that may occur.

In order to continue with the active national socio-economic register, the Ehsaas Level Education Registration Board has been established in the country. In addition, the program will be reviewed every four years, “he said.


There is no special way to register online

Find your nearest EHSAAS Registration Center

Fill out the available CNIC orb form

Click here to find your nearest EHSAAS center.

NSER BISP Follow-up

It is a health program that works in Pakistan. The program was launched in July 2008. It is the largest program to distribute 90 million rupees to Pakistan. It is a network focused on security.

Strengthening education, health, social protection, health and financial opportunities. Benazir’s income support program is based on grants and subsidies.

He has been named president of the program. Program Leaders Dr. Sania will host the Nishtar and Bloc, Pakistan Secretariat and Islamabad, Pakistan. The event has a budget of $ 1.15 billion. your official website


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