Super People Gameplay and Impressions New PUBG

As far as i can tell this game has
absolutely no connection to pubg it
might look the same it might play the
same in some respects but in terms of
the actual development i can’t find
anything there and in fact some pubg
players.Super People Gameplay

who are still playing are now
saying that they enjoy this game more
than the current state of pubg i think
that says something and i thought we’d
take a look at it today this game is
called super people now over the last.

streamers and content creators
broadcasting this making sponsored
content for it so i thought you know
what there’s got to be something here
let’s check it out now i know that the
idea of another battle royale game.

Super People Gameplay

doesn’t exactly excite people the way it
perhaps used to but sometimes there’s a
new one that comes along and captures
people’s attention and in my opinion
providing it’s got a good gameplay loop
it runs well and it’s accessible and
it’s got a chance to be good and that’s
how i’d currently describe super people.

a brand new battle royale game by
developer wonder people they’ve got all
sorts of people working there now it’s
currently enclosed beta testing and i
have to say that my first impressions of
it are quite positive on the surface
you’d be forgiven for thinking well it
looks very similar to pubg and it does a

weapons especially the way the game
looks in third person but perhaps i
think a better comparison would be ring
of elysium especially if you’re talking
about visuals.

the truth is though that
the core gameplay elements are very
similar in all of those games and super
people doesn’t change the formula up
much when it comes to gameplay.

attachments and the circle that we’re
accustomed to what it does add though
are classes and well super soldiers when
you load into a lobby you’re given one
of 12 classes you’re not entirely stuck.

with what you’re given though you can
then spend 100 gold coins to randomize
your class once or 500 to outright pick
which one you want and you gain the gold
currency simply by playing the game so
what are the classes about then do they
actually add anything to the br formula.

well each one has a specific weapon that
they favor as well as a specific set of
traits and an ultimate ability what are
these ultimates well the gatling soldier
they’ve got a gatling gun obviously
whereas the mobile striker has a very
quick dash which lets them get over.

short distances really quickly there’s
also a nuclear strike more like an
airstrike really and there’s even a
character that gets a monster jeep.

I’m not making this up it’s important to
know though that you don’t get these
abilities straight away you get them
from leveling up your character during
the game.

and in a match you gain xp by
simply surviving getting kills and also
the consumption of super capsules more
on that in a second in theory the game
promotes you surviving by guaranteeing
that if you do you will get your

ability at some point further
improving your surviving skills getting
kills helps as well and if you’re
racking up the kills then you’re going
to reach a higher level much faster than
someone who isn’t going for that action.

i mentioned super capsules and this is
where it starts to get very unique in
terms of how the gameplay works dotted
around the map alongside the regular
loot are three types of capsules.

green and blue these correspond with
your red green and blue traits or
abilities finding and consuming a red
capsule will give you one of these

And you can keep finding the

same ones and level each up there are
also other capsules that give you one
random ability on any color and a gold
capsule that will max out one random
ability instantaneously leveling up also

and damage and certain characters even
have abilities or traits that will
increase damage when on rocky terrain or
even near water and so knowing what
other characters have at their disposal
is definitely going to help you master
the game now what also sets super people.

apart from some other similar br games
is the crafting system throughout the
world there are crafting items such as
cloth nails leather and you can use
these to craft improved items on the fly
this could mean crafting a better.

specialized weapon or even crafting
high-level backpacks and armor i think
it’s done in quite a simple easy to read
manner to without the need for multiple
menus you simply collect the items as
you’re going around and it tells you if
you can upgrade them you hit the
shortcut and it simply plays.

animation for a few seconds and it’s
done what this does mean though is that
while you do have to find guns and armor
on the ground there are also going to be
less situations later in the game where
you’re simply outgunned if you’ve been
looting and fighting other players.

you’re always going to be well geared
towards the end of a game now we haven’t.

really talked about the map just yet but
overall i guess it’s about the same size
of erengel if we were gonna compare to
pubg the good thing and the way that
they’re keeping the action.

flowing is
that only a certain part of it is
playable every match when you’re flying
into the game it would already start
with a phase 1 zone which means that the
action is already pushed.

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