*Unlimited Free Internet in Pakist*an

Unlimited Free Internet in Pakistan

With the government of Pakistan on the move, it’s likely that Free internet in Pakistan will soon be available. The government is aiming to promote internet usage throughout the country. They have issued licenses to five internet service providers who will offer free internet in Pakistan. This move was prompted by complaints from students and teachers who’d wish to use the internet freely.

Free internet in pakistan

A student from Quetta complained to his mother about the poor internet services available in Pakistan; he claimed that he couldn’t access Facebook or YouTube due to restrictions. It seems that his complaint was well founded because Facebook and YouTube do not operate in the country and remain banning. According to reports, Facebook and YouTube will still not be available in Pakistan, but the government hopes that next few weeks they will. This is probably a good move on their part since many people cannot afford to pay for Facebook, and this could encourage more people to switch to a paid up.


Now the government has announced plans to allow free internet access through various apps, which are based on android and iphone apps. What is unique about this plan is that users will be able to freely use the internet via their devices. It is unclear if these apps will work as intended or not. Since most apps were designed by foreign companies, there is also a possibility that the apps could not operate as intended on Pakistan devices.


Pakistan Telecommunication Company (PTC) has issued a press release confirming the plans to introduce free net access for citizens. The app will support five mobile communication services – Blackberry, Android, ISE, Verizon, and kerLen. Since most carriers have now blocked the installation of apps belonging to Chinese companies, this move may hinder users from accessing free net access. However, this doesn’t seem to be a big problem considering that almost all mobile operators in the country already offer similar plans.

Another app that has been launched to facilitate the government’s plan to make the Internet available to citizens is called zong vpn. The zong vpn website was developed by cri3 network, a company that specializes in network security and internet connectivity. The app works on both smartphones and tablets and allows access to millions of servers thanks to the unmetered connection. This means that users will be able to use unlimited free internet on any connection with an accepted VPN.


To use this app, you first need to install it onto your tablet or smartphone. Once it is installed, you will need to log into the VPN server, which can be done by selecting “connect” at the bottom left corner of the screen. Then you can browse the web while remaining within the safe zone.


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