What Is Google One Subscription How To Use Google One

What isĀ  Google One and what are the benefits you
will get from Google 1 membership so
a topic so here you will get a search
Google 1 so you will be getting the dis
link and click here to open Google 1 so
as you can see here this is an update
version for Google Drive.

What is Google One

What Is Google One

So haven’t 100 GB of space I can upload it
here so I took these benefits for 150
rupees per month you can take this for
the one-year plan also I will show all the
plans and benefits in this video so
let’s see the benefit of the features
which are available in the Google 1

so here you will get an
membership starting from 100 GB so with
the 100 GB you can share the files with
your friends and family members by
inviting them to your Google 1.

so here
they showed this here so as you can see a
family storage so you can share the
storage with your friends and family
members you can upload the photos emails
files everything.

Google Drive Benefits

we were Google 1
membership so this is the benefits you
can upload more space when compared to
the Google Drive.

Google Drive

so here you will be
getting the no space hundred DB 200 GB
more space for your selected packet so
here I will be having the 90 sorry 100
GB storage so I used 55 be used
so here are the benefits you can get you can
see the benefits also.

so here the main feature for this is you
can contact to direct to the Google if
we have any doubts regarding you can
call you can chart or you can directly
mail you can click
here and he can give you a contact
the number so then they will contact you in
two to three-minute friends already I
tried it they will contact is surely
hundred percent you can feel it yeah you
can if you have any queries related to
the Google one odd accounts Gmail Drive.

photos Google Play Google Play pixel if
Do you have any doubts related to the
Google Mobile’s Maps Chrome documents.

the business you can contact with them
directly by clicking here if you have
any other doubts related to the Google
products you can contact to the
the government you know any doubts related
to the Google product.

you can contact to
them you can speak directly with the
Google customer support is the only
one place where you can talk with the
customer care directly spreads so you
will get a faster response from this

What is Google One

so just you need to enter your name
mobile number and select what the
the product you need to help and here just Google One
this you can dial it here like what is
your issue and click on the just call me
so you will get a call within five
minutes I tried it also and you can also
try with this.

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so let’s see though
another so here you can chat directly
with them or else you can call email
with them so it will take lesser than
three minutes so these are my Ayad is
like and there are a lot of settings.

also so you can manage your emails
payment section also you can cancel
membership by here you can change the
storage also so as you can see here 130
rupees per month.

so here I will be
getting for 130 rupees I will be getting
100 GB so this is my current plan and
for the two ten rupees, you will get a
200 GB and for 650 rupees you will get a
2 TB storage you can upload anything.

friends you can backup for your phone to
your Google 1 membership account so here
there is a plan for 6500 you will get at
month so for 13,000 you will get an
20 TB so space and you will get a 30 TB
terabytes t be nothing but terabytes
for 19,500 per month.

it is some per
month friends and here this is her for
the for the monthly series 650 per year
you can pace 6500 rupees in Indian
cancer currency so you can select any
the plan currently I am in 130 rupees plan.

so I am getting 100 GB so you can
directly come to this and you can access
from here so this is my Google my
membership account so you can create a
family / by clicking here you can click
here to add your friends or family

So that you can share with your
friends and family members like you can
partition with your friends and family
members like if you for example if you
have 100 GB you can add one or five

let us think we are adding one
the member you can partition do partition
for 50 GB for you a friend and 50 GB for
you so that they too can use 50 GB of
storage for the backup of the phone
photos files emails SMS calls to
anything friends What is Google One.

he can back up from
directly for the Google one storage so
that’s all for this video if you have
any doubts related to the Google one
the membership you can comment down below
and it is just an upgraded version
for Google Drive.

that’s all and you
can update it if you need more storage
you can buy from here and you will get
an app also in the Play Store.


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