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WhatsApp is the most commonly used messaging  application across the globe, and it has sever advanced features as well like if you send a  message to a wrong recipient you can delete Whatsapp Deleted Messages Recovery 2022.

Message Seen

That before they open it. Also, when a message gets  delivered you will get notified by having a double
tick against that message, and when the receiver  opened that message the colour of the double tick
change into Blue.
These are the whatsapp features  but we are more interested in knowing what was
that message which was deleted, and how can I read  that message. Also, how can I read a message without
Changing the colour of the double tick.
So, today  in this Post, I am going to give answers of
all these questions which we all have. So now let’s  start the video with “how to read a deleted message.”

Install App Now

So first, you have to go to the play store and search for “WAMR“, and Also Chat Bin App install the app which has this icon.
And when it is installed, click  on open once the app is open read the terms
and condition of this app. Now here you have  to select the app which you want to monitor.
and we are interested in monitoring  WhatsApp so select WhatsApp from the list
now grant the necessary permissions including  notification access and access to your files and media.
As this app, will also give you the option  to save deleted multimedia files as well.
You have some limitations here as well, like if  you are offline or have an unstable connection some
media file may not be downloaded and this is true  for all the apps if the connection is not stable.
Your download will get interrupted. That’s all we  have done with the setting to read the deleted messages.
Now let’s take an example. Here I am  sending a message to this number from my other
phone saying, “I’m on leave today.
Do you want  to go out for a party,” and here in this phone
I got the notification as a message received  now I will go ahead and delete this message
for everyone.
And here you can see the “WAMR” app  which we have installed send a notification as
Jerry has deleted a message and in the WhatsApp  you can see the message is reflecting as deleted.
Now go ahead and open this app tap on Jerry chat  window and here you can see the original message
which I have sent from another number under this  Red chat box. Now, if any sent media is deleted.

WhatsApp Deleted Messages Recovery 2022.

You can find those under this tab. And if you  are enjoying this video, then sub to this channel
It would be a great help. Now let’s quickly  jump into “how to block read receipts.”
Now when you open a message, the sender receives  notification by changing the double tick colour
from Grey to Blue. Now, if you see here, I have sent  a message from this phone and a grey double tick
is appearing here now.
I will directly open the  “WAMR” app and click on the chat window from which I
have received the message, and here I can read the  the message.
but still the double tick is appearing as
Grey in this phone. Now, if you only want to see the  deleted messages, you also have that option here
just go to this three-dot option and select “only  deleted,”

See Deleted Messages

And now you can see only deleted messages.
Now with the help of this app, you can  also, download the WhatsApp status as well.
You just have to go to the last section of  this app and open the status which you want
to download and click on this download icon to  download this status, or if you want to share this
status directly with someone else uses this option.
So that is all about how to read the deleted messages and blocking read receipts.
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